Saturday, June 7, 2008

Obama and His Amazing Friends

I try not to get carried away with politics on this blog but this week, Barack Obama has secured the democratic nomination. His team deserves kudos for their efforts, but I am a little worried about the scorched earth that occurred during the primary. Nonetheless, It’s an important week for the Democrats and Obama and I’m looking forward to the general election.

One of the fun facts I learned about the Democratic nominee this week, amid all the hoopla, is that Obama collected Conan and Spiderman comics… Now, as a comic geek, that gives me alotta’ hope that we can turn things around.



Don Snabulus said...


Let's hope his AIPAC pandering the day after he announced his primary victory was just pandering to them and that his promise to take the crazy out of civilian military leadership is genuine.

pidomon said...

may have to rethink this if he didnt also read Superman! :)

what i fund funny is he and are are the same age

HIM: About to be POTUS
ME: Wondering how to make the mortgage lol

Eaglewing said...

I'm a Canadian, but I'm following the pres battle with interest. Scorched earth indeed - hope he's still up for the big fight now. It does bode well that he's collected comics tho :)

Dr. Zaius said...

Hmm... I wonder if he read John Romita Spiderman? Or Jack Kirby Fantastic Four, that matter?

rob! said...

he will be the next president, of that i'm sure. i think the hard(er) part is over--beating Hillary.

i never knew he collected conan and spidey comics! that's cool--extra cool.

he once said his favorite TV show was MASH (mine too) and just the other day my hero, Bob Dylan, "endorsed" him in a newspaper interview.

now i hear he used to read comics? my god, he's gonna be my favorite president EVAH!

rob! said...


ironic that you used that graphic, with the dark-skinned tribesman guy on the left, because to the Racist/Uninformed Voter Bloc out there, that's what they see when they think of Obama.


Doctor Smoke said...

My fellow americans... yes, it's me.
Your friendly neighbourhood spider-president!


Swinebread said...

Snab – I thnk he was doing what he needed to do because Israel is really scared about Obama presidency.

Pidomon – I’m sure he read superman too. I think he just was a big fan of Conan and webhead.

Wow you and Obama are the same age! That’s cool, not too old not too young! ;)

Gawd I hope your mortgage situation is OK in this environment.

EW – I get the feelin’ that if O is the president then Canadian/US will improve… heck if a dog is the next president the relationship will improve.

Dr. Zaius – That’s what I want to know too! I’m guessing that he was late 60 early 70s on the spidey comics.

Rob – I think he might actually be the best president we’ve had during my lifetime. I was hoping Bill was going to be that but well we know what happened there…

I used the body of Zula from the Conan comics. He’s one of my favorite African characters see here. I figured that lets celebrate not ignore Obama’s background.

Doc S – Yes cool, now he jus has to win. Gulp

rob! said...

my big hope is that even better candidates follow in his wake. if he wins the general, other would-be politicians will see you CAN win and not be a total pandering hack; also, it shows what can be done if you get massive amounts of people excited and mobilized, instead of relying on a small group of multimillionaire donors.

even if Obama ends up being an only OK president (and considering who he's following, Obama could sit in the Oval Office and drool on himself for four years and still be better), he will be setting an excellent example.

plus, the whole "White Men Only" thing will finally be BROKEN!

rob! said...

one last thing--swinebread, i admire your willingness to mention politics on a comics blog; i think about it for mine sometimes but then i worry it will start some nasty comment war and i don't want that to happen.

so hats off to everybody here for keeping it civil, an amazingly hard thing to do on the internets!

Doctor Smoke said...

hey swiney.
apart from the fact that i've already drawn you a cameo in bananaglass...which remains to be published...
perhaps you should be getting on my good side and check out my blog some time, huh?

Dean Wormer said...

McCain is Dr. Doom.

Swinebread said...

Rob – True that Bush is not a hard act to follow, but I’m hoping when get a good dose of sanity under his leadership if he indeed becomes the prez.

The white Men only thing being broken is a must, but hey Obama’s half white right? ☺

I don’t comment a lot on politics because A, I’m not that good at it and B, I told myself that this a comics oriented blog but Obama becoming the nominee was just too momentous to pass up. Plus, I found an in with the Spiderman and Conan stuff. I can totally understand why you wouldn’t want to mention such things on your blogs, (which are the fantastic by the way) because it might take away from the joy that you are expressing for the medium. I commend you for being so focused. I’m much more scatterbrained. You should check out Dr. Zauis’ Zaius Nation blog (link on sidebar). It is a political blog that often uses superheroes and comics (especially silver age comics) to make very creative points about what’s going on. I think you’d like it.

Doc S – Sorry man I was real busy this weekend. I hope your exams went well. And the convention looked very cool!

Dean – Doom is a little to with it to be McCain IMO. But what super villain is he… this has me thinking…

…maybe the toad?