Saturday, April 5, 2008

BSG Comics

A lot of folks have been antsy for more BSG, and now that the last season is airing they’re getting their fix, but what does one do in the mean time? Well, I’ve been fulfilling my needs with the Battlestar Galactica comics by Dynamite Entertainment. The Battlestar Galactica: Origins title, which just finished its Dr. Baltar arc, was especially wonderful for filling in a lot of nice tidbits of Gaius’ back-story. What’s really cool is that folks involved in the production of the BSG show are actually working on the BSG comic books. They have inside information about the plot and will weave it into the stories they’re writing. Newsarama just finished up a five-part Q&A on Dynamite’s BSG efforts.

Part I (SEAMUS FAHE interview about his work on the show and his 4-part BSG Origins comic that delves into Gaius and number 6) Here

Part II (ROBERT NAPTON on his BSG Origins comic on Bill Adama, his thoughts on both of BSG incarnations and a Classic BSG one-shot) Here

Part III (BRANDON JERWA on BSG Season Zero set 2 years before the star of the series) Here

Part IV (OSHUA ORTEGA & ERIC NYLUND on their title Cylon War, which covers the first war between humans and cylons and it’s aftereffects) Here

PART V (Discussion of BSG in general, of a Helo/Kara three-part mini and a mini-series that deals with the final five cylons) Here

Not getting enough BSG? The comic just might give you more of that naturalistic sci-fi you’re looking for.



rob! said...

i guess they can't do likenesses? that's not tricia helfer's face, or her boobs, even.

Dean Wormer said...

I've been reading the classic stuff and have avoided the stuff based on the current series because I didn't know they weren't just pulling the story out of their ass.

Something cool to read.

Swinebread said...

Rob! No, not really. That is a drawback of Dynamite Entertainment’s BSG series. It reminds me of the early Star Wars comics in that regard.

Dean – Well, the first 12 issue BSG series by Greg Pak was kinda’ like that, but the stuff coming out now is better.