Thursday, April 24, 2008

My New Comics

This week’s best cover is She-Hulk #28.

Fall of Cthulhu #11, Boom Studios. ‘Narly

Shadowpact #24, DC Comics. Some extraordinary gentlemen join the fight?!

She-Hulk #28, Marvel Comics. Her “buddy” gets a shot to the head! Hey, the cover is different than that which was solicited.

Army of Darkness / Xena #2, Dynamite Entertainment. Both Autolycus and Ash… Groovy!

Northlanders #5, DC Comics/Vertigo. This keeps improving

Trade Paperbacks:
The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics Vol. #1, Running Press. B&W Reprinting of over 60 classics of the 1950’s that caused a furor in the US and sparked legislation to crack down on explicit horror, this volume also includes modern contributors. How Cool is that!



Arkonbey said...

wow. I'm just amazed it took this long to put SheHulk into a women's prison setting.

It's Hulkspoitation-arific!

Nerd note: um, those look like just regular non-hulkproof bars.

Don Snabulus said...

What Arkonbey said.

Nerd Note 2: Nice that they have full makeup facilities in prison (I don't remember eye shadow lid coloring on the He Hulk).

Dean Wormer said...

TFAW (Hollywood) was out of aod/ xena 2 on wednesday night when I went by. That was the last straw that forced me to break down and get a box. I know; you've been telling me to do that for over a year now. :)

Here's the titles that I'm going to be getting so far-

AOD/ Xena
Blood Bowl
Indiana Jones
Zombie Tales
Fall of Cthulhu
Star Trek Year Four (D.C. Fontana now MUCH better)
Brothers in Arms
BPRD 1946
Mice Templar (For my middle child)

and some other stuff I can't remember.

Anyhow- thanks for getting me hooked on comics again. My kids are loving it as much as me.

Swinebread said...

Arkonbey – It’s a dream come true!

Yeah, she could break out if she wanted, the cover is an exaggeration of what happened inside.

Snab – Shulkie may have a be in prison, but that doesn’t mean she’s cut off from the essentials.

Dean – you’ve made the plunge! The 10% discount is nice! You got a box and you’ve also read watchmen, Congrats, you’re up to full comic geekdom now! All I have to do now is to convince you to pick up previews… :D

I know it seems like you might be making a huge commitment but if you have to stop at some point, it’s easy to do. I am on my 4th box in my lifetime.

The nice thing about TFAW is that they are a chain, so they can order copies from other stores. I know that my TFAW still had AOD/Xena on Friday.

I was so mad about IDW star trek I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the new Fontana one. Maybe I can read yours? Heh heh

I’ve been thinking about picking up the Indy omnibuses.

I like Conan a lot, but I’m just buying the trades.

It’s weird that I’m not buying the BPRD and Hellboy stuff, maybe it’s because I keep telling myself that I’ll purchase the collections someday.

Happy Reading!

pidomon said...

enjoying Northlanders as well
Countdown #1 was, well, a waste of 52 weeks of my life!

Dean Wormer said...


All I have to do now is to convince you to pick up previews… :D

I know that'll be next. For the moment I'm just using TFAW's website to see what's coming soon. That's where I got Brothers in Arms and Blood Bowl.

I have to get 2nd issue of Aod/Xena since the first was so good.

I'm pimping D.C. Fontana penned year four. The first half of the comic is pretty much kirk/spock dialog. This thing is night and day with the last run of the title.

re: BPRD - I enjoy it alright but some of the stuff on my list isn't necessarilly for me. The kids have a say...

Swinebread said...

pidomon - I wa very worried about countdown, and I'm glad I'm glad I skipped it. I heard it messed everything up beside not being very good.

dean - TFAW should be able to order it from one of their other stores.

You've given me hope for the new ST comic

your a great dad!