Friday, April 18, 2008

My New Comics

This week’s best cover is Army of Darkness #8.

The Brave and the Bold #12, DC Comics. Superman and Ultraman together again.…

Army of Darkness #8, Dynamite Entertainment. I love this title.

Cthulhu Tales #1, Boom Studios. 1st issue of the “new” regular series!

Badger Saves the World #5, IDW. Wow I don’t like the cover this time but the homage to Bruce Lee is cool.

War is Hell: the First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #2, Marvel Comics. The colorist is lost.

Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #1 Marvel Comics. Dr. Doom, Tony Stark and Camelot… what else do you want?

The Infinite Horizon #1, Image. I think this is a little late….

The Lone Ranger #11, Dynamite Entertainment. Now this is how your color somebody with a scratchy style.

Red Sonja #32, Dynamite Entertainment. (hear music) Memories…

Bat Lash #2, DC Comics. Better and sadder than I thought…

Trade Paperbacks:
Red Sonja: Travels Dynamite Entertainment. Reprints the Red Sonja one-shots

The Comic Book Holocaust Oh Man this is some nasty stuff, but its funny if you’re a long time comics reader and find south park funny.



Don Snabulus said...

The best cover looks like Eddie from the Iron Maiden album covers (thanks Derek Riggs)

Doctor Smoke said...

dude that cover is awesome! I want it as a poster. eeh by gum, I do!

pidomon said...

got bat lash in the pile but haven't got around to reading it ywt.

picked up the 2 Tangent trades to read as I am enjoying Tangent Supermans Reign

Dean Wormer said...

Like you I really enjoy AOD and will continue reading but the ending of this current title was a "WTF?" moment.

Essentially the entire story was built as the punchline for a joke. In fact I had to read the last couple pages a few times before I "got" it.

Arkonbey said...

I think that IS Eddie!

Does Bruce C. get royalties for every time his likeness is used? He should.

Swinebread said...

Snab – I’m sure they ripped it off, stealing is the best form of flattery, and of course Eddie’s image was stolen from Deathlok, so it always comes back to comics.

Dr. S – it would make a great poster! I just wish the scene appeared in the story.

Pidomon – I’ve been on the fence about the tangent stuff, are these collection of the original tangent comics from the ‘90s?

Dean – I’ve been reading AoD for a while now and they do this sort of stuff all the time. Plus, a retcon is a pretty standard trope in comics nowadays. I expected something like this to happen. Ash had to win and the timeline had to be fixed…

Arkonby – I think he gets Jack and Shit every time his image is used, and Jack just left town.