Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some Great Alan Moore Vids

Alan Moore on Watchmen (spoilers!)

Alan Moore on Movies adapted from his comics

Alan Moore on fame



SamuraiFrog said...

What especially bothers me about Alan Moore movies is that some people tend to paint him as ungrateful because he doesn't like filmmakers adapting his work. As though he should be thrilled to be told that his medium is somehow less legitimate or less important or less credible than films. The guy doesn't write movies, so how would he consider it a compliment that someone comes along and makes significant changes in his work because they thought they could do it better?

Harlan Ellison once likened a film adaptation of his work as having someone come in and take his child and break its arms and mangle it hideously and then not understand why he didn't see the child looked better.

Dean Wormer said...

I dunno. I think Moore is spot on when he's talking about LOEG, but a little hard on V: For Vendetta. I enjoyed the hell out of that movie on it's own terms and it was perfect considering the real world political climate.

Thanks for posting the vids Swine. I especially enjoyed his comments on Watchmen and the character of Kovacs/Rorschach. He actually answered one of the questions I had about Rorschach's decision at the end to refuse to keep Veidt's secret.

This didn't make much sense to me because Rorschach writes in his journal earlier that he admired President Truman. Veidt's solution to the threat of war was very Trumanesque in my opinion.

With Moore's comments in mind I can kind of see Rorschach's decision as more of a police-assisted suicide type thing. Indeed perhaps Rorschach was pissed because he was hoping to die in the nuclear war that Veidt averted with his monstrous action.

All in all he is definetly the most interesting character in the novel in my opinion, followed by the Comedian.

ladybug said...

Very cool, I really like his insight on the media production of "celebrity" and "fame"- Andy Warhol wasn't far off on his "15 minutes of Fame" prediction it seems...

Swinebread said...

SF – I kinda’ fell into that mindset. Maybe it’s just that I kept hearing it over and over again, so I started to believe that crap. These vids are a nice reminder that it’s just not true and that Alan is a stable guy with a good outlook on things rather than the male-diva the suits paint him to be.

Dean – It’s true that V film had a message that American public needed to hear but it wasn’t exactly the same message of the book. The artist David Lloyd supported the film. I think what pissed off Moore off the most was that the Wachowskis and Time/Warner very publicly said Moore supported the film when he did not. That’s why Zack is being very careful not to piss off Alan Moore about Watchmen so that Alan will at least be neutral to that film project.

LB – It’s very insightful, that’s why his work stays fresh I think. Lots more Alan clips on youtube. Check ‘em out

pidomon said...

have to agree a bit with Moore on these are not made to be adapted to film
looking at the whole story of V as written you have to cut so much out to make it into a movie (and I enjoyed V as a film but didn't really relate it to the book to be honest)

you have to almost triple that with Watchmen to get it to film.

That being said loved Moore's ABC work

Swinebread said...

I’m a little worried too but I guess will have to see. A mini-series might be a better venue for watchmen but then it would have minuscule budget. I’m hoping the film will at least keep to the spirit of Moore’s comic.