Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cap's Gonna Fight the Nazis

Captain America’s movie will be set during WWII. This is a good first sign the character will be handled correctly. The wartime experience is so central to who Steve Rogers is that it’s just gotta be there. Obviously Cappy will need to be frozen at the end of they story so he can link up with his new buddies in the Avengers film that’s coming down the pike. (see here)

I like Cap a lot and I was pretty pissed when Marvel killed him off even though I wasn’t reading any current storylines. People like to say he’s simply a “boy scout” and not relevant anymore but I got a sneaky suspicion that folks will be pretty surprised how engaging Cap can be when his movie arrives. IMO, Captain America is a symbol of possibly and an avatar how a moral person really acts when faced with tough situations. I think we all could use a strong dose of the constructive/responsible patriotism that Steve Rogers represents… as long as it’s exciting and interesting of course. Plus, he’s cool because he was punching Hitler in the face way before the US got into WWII. He’s not behind the times, Cap’s ahead of the curve.

So we’ll get Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America, and then an Avengers movie. If the Hulk reboot is successful I’m sure they’ll throw him into the mix. Antman’s been kind of put on the back burner so maybe they just introduce him in the Avenger film.

On a side note, I've always thought Captain America would be the best lover for Wonder Woman if she were in a "straight" relationship. Too bad they're in separate universes.



Dean Wormer said...


I love WW2 genre flicks.

Hopes that this could be good.

Stephen said...

I could totally see cap giving it to wonderwman he does share a first name with steve trevor

Don Snabulus said...

Should be good.

Hypatia said...

Well I'm hopeful. At least the comix ideas Hollywood's been a'stealin' actually have like a story...

Arkonbey said...

I've always been an idealist. I believe that America, in its power, should be more Golden Age Cap and much, much less Jack Bauer.

We can't pretend to be the 'hite hat' in public when 'black hat' things happen in private.

rob! said...

black and white! black and white! black and white!

have it end with him frozen in ice, and as you fade to: current day, turn it color.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Cool! Period retro, just like it should be!

(And what...pray irrelevant about Boy Scouts...?)

Swinebread said...

Dean – exactly, Cap’s great in his WWII combat action that’s what I wanna see…. …and the Red Skull.

Stephen – It just makes sense… me too.

Snab – I’ve got some hope now that Iron Man was so good.

Hypatia – The Cap of WWII has an appeal similar to the wonder Woman WWII story.

Arkonbey – I really like caps ethics. He is kinda a “goodie two shoes” but he doesn’t have the power of superman. He’s only as good as a regular human can be and yet he has good moral compass that’s sorely lacking in most of govt. types.

Rob – interesting idea but I don’t think they’re gonna do it.

Moody – Retro WWii action is the ticket.
Well calling cap is called a boy scout by others not me.

The Boy scouts discriminate against gays and atheists which isn’t so cool nowadays and I suspect that cap would be one to agree to disagree with these folks so the boy scout label isn’t really accurate imo.

rob! said...

yeah, i know. maybe they can do a "news reel" type montage, and have that in b/w.

i can dream, can't i?

Becca said...

WWII! I am thrilled! I was kind of hoping if they made a Wonder Woman movie it would take place during WWII but The Captain America movie should be cool...even in spite of the McConaughey presence.