Friday, May 16, 2008

My New Comics

This week’s best cover is Cthulhu Tales #2.

The Twelve #5, Marvel Comics. .Witness protection.

The Un-Men #10, DC Comics. Freaks is Freaks..

Army of Darkness: Home Sweet Home #9, Dynamite Entertainment. Back to the shack.

Zorro #3, Dynamite Entertainment. The origin continues.

Dead of Night #4, Marvel Comics. Memories.

Cthulhu Tales #2, Boom Studios. Steve Niles pens a story..

North Wind #5, Boom Studios. The conclusion. I almost picked this issue as best cover. More please.

All-New Iron Man Manual #1, Marvel Comics. Tony sure has a crapload of different suits

Doctor Who: Classics #6, IDW. Werewolf Doctor.

Serenity #3, Dark Horse Comics.

The Last Defenders #3, Marvel Comics. .Man, this had a sucky cover.

Project Superpowers #3, Dynamite Entertainment.

Bat Lash #6, DC Comics. The Gun fighting conclusion!

The Walking Dead #49, Image. A child shall lead?.

Red Sonja #33, Dynamite Entertainment.

Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #2, Marvel Comics. Mogan Le Fey!.

Trade Paperbacks:
Life Sucks, First Second.



Dean Wormer said...

Hey, that reminds me - TFAW didn't stick Cthulhu Tales in my box.

I did get some other fun titles off your list including Serenity, and AOD.

pidomon said...

As I've said before never a big western comics fan but really enjoyed the Bat Lash mini

And while it was weird alsi enjoyed the Final Crisis Shetchbook and Batman #676 RIP

Overdroid said...

Yay tentacles!

Dr. Zaius said...

Cthulhu porn!

Randal Graves said...

That thing looks like the genetic experiment of Cthulhu, a mind flayer, and some Mos Eisley cantina regular.

Swinebread said...

dean - that's lame, make sure they order it for it you because they forgot.

pidomon - Me too, I was very happy with the Bat Lash ending. Seemed like a script to a 70s western film.

I'm avoiding Crisis for now

Dr. Zaius - It gets me all wet and slimly

randal - Ding ding ding... You win!